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 22nd Infantry Regiment Able Company Roster

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22nd Infantry Regiment Able Company Roster Empty
PostSubject: 22nd Infantry Regiment Able Company Roster   22nd Infantry Regiment Able Company Roster EmptyTue Jan 25, 2011 8:44 pm

22nd Infantry Regiment Able Company Roster

Unit Headquarters

Commanding Officer: Captain J. Tobler
Executive Officer:
Assistant Executive Officer:
Senior Non-Commissioned Officer: First Sergeant S. Plissken
Senior Unit Technician: Technical Sergeant P. Shooter
Senior Personnel Officer: Master Sergeant A. Hodgson
Assistant Personnel Officer: Staff Sergeant D. Stencel

First Platoon

Squad 1
Squad Leaders: Sergeant D. Crew
Assistant Squad Leader:
Squad Technician: Technician Fourth Grade J. Redford

Technician Third Grade J. Steel
Technician Fifth Grade A. Peck
Technician Fifth Grade D. Sinclair
Corporal P. Jackson
Private First Class M. Kalimin
Private A. Argas
Private B. Cosworth
Private J. Damaja
Private L. Dream
Private J. Flounder
Private G. Goeckel
Private R. Lath
Private A. Nelson
Private N. Neveskii
Private R. O' Connor
Private J. Onegaki
Private K. Podells
Private J. Sanchez
Private E. Sledge
Private T. Visco

Recruit O. Azadeh
Recruit C. Hutchinson
Recruit M. Heffernan
Recruit C. Laberge
Recruit K. Maarte
Recruit A. Rothstein
Recruit A. Simpson
Recruit A. Smith
Recruit N. Smith
Recruit M. Tavern
Recruit F. Tibor

Total Head Count: 38
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22nd Infantry Regiment Able Company Roster
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