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 Discharge - Parker

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D. Forest

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Discharge - Parker Empty
PostSubject: Discharge - Parker   Discharge - Parker EmptyWed Mar 30, 2011 9:20 pm

Name: Parker
Rank: Private
Date: 31MAR11
Type of Discharge: Standard Discharge
Reason: Disrespect

Comments: Private Parker has had issues with authority. He has insulted officers, questioned their dedication, and had a flagrant disregard for real life issues that take away from time spent on the server. Parker took it upon himself to tell others how to do their jobs, claiming that they did not deserve the positions they held, despite having no idea of their service records. Among with the grievances listed above, Parker handled his personal grievances with the unit headquarters poorly, disrespecting leading officers in their actions and judgment.

For these reasons, among others, Private Parker is hereby discharged from the 22nd Infantry Regiment on this day, the 31st of March, 2011.

Conditions of Discharge:
  • Dischargee must take off tags immediately
  • Dischargee may re-enlist in the 22nd Infantry Regiment possibly within a minimum one day to several weeks in the future
  • Dischargee IS allowed to use the server

David Forest
2nd Lieutenant
Assistant to the Executive Officer

Stephen Zyler Oaks
1st Lieutenant
Executive Officer of the 22nd Infantry Regiment
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Discharge - Parker
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