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 Resignation - S. Zyler

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Resignation - S. Zyler Empty
PostSubject: Resignation - S. Zyler   Resignation - S. Zyler EmptySun Apr 17, 2011 11:55 pm

Name: S. Zyler
Rank: First Lieutenant
Date of Resignation: 17APR11

Reason: Given current real life circumstances, I can no longer fulfill my duty as first lieutenant of the 22nd infantry regiment. School and work are conflicting too heavily with the time I would need to dedicate into the unit, and school reigns as a priority.

Based on the reason provided, is there any way we could improve our unit?
: No, it is purely of my own accord and for personal reasons.

Additional Notes: Thank you, and it was a pleasure serving with you all. *Salute*
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Resignation - S. Zyler
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