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Credited to the 7th ID

Chapter 1. Code Of Conduct.
Every member of the 22nd Infantry Regiment will uphold the values and ideals of a well disciplined, respectful unit. It is up to us all to provide the inner strength that builds strong, cohesive units. Treating others, all others, those in units and those without, with dignity and respect leads to cohesive units and it is that sense of belonging to a proud organization that supplies the element of courage and commitment essential to successful military operations.

-Under no circumstance will you engage in disrespectful banter with another member of our community. There is fine line between an enjoyable 2-way conversation and an unnecessary attack on a single individual or unit as a whole. It is our duty to be reserved and not engage in pointless bickering.

-The 22nd IR holds a zero tolerance policy towards hacking. Aimbots, Wall hacks or any other application/plugin that provides you with an unfair advantage over our opponents is strictly forbidden. There will also be no public accusations of others suspected of using these. Keep your accusations to yourself or firmly within the unit until proof has been provided to an officer of the 22nd IR. They will deal with it in the proper fashion.

-All members must abide by the rules of the server they are in. If you do not like the server rules, do not play there. Do not tell them how to run their server. It is encouraged that you actually read servers motd's and stay clear of any trouble.

-Never at any time, for any humorous or malicious intent, will you impersonate another member of our community. This is extremely disrespectful and a major 22nd IR violation.

-It is required that all members wear their correct 22nd IR tags on the steam friends list and only change it in game when it is absolutely necessary. Wearing the correct avatar is also your responsibility. We understand there are some circumstances where it is acceptable but do not make it an everyday occurrence.

Chapter 2. Weapon Restrictions. -Currently Not in Effect
Every soldier in the 22nd Infantry Regiment will hold high competence with the primary weapon of war, the rifle. You will train with both the M1 Garand and the Karabiner 98 Kurz (K98k) and be prepared to combat the enemy in any situation wielding these weapon systems. It is because of this that the 22nd IR has the following weapon restrictions:

Recruit: Rifle
Private: Rifle
Private First Class: Rifle, Rocket
Corporal: Rifle, Rocket, MG
Sergeant: Rifle, Rocket, MG, Support, Assault
S/Sgt and Above: Rifle, Rocket, MG, Support, Assault, Sniper

These weapon restrictions are for ANY server in the realism community. Follow these restrictions, and improve and maintain your rifle skills. They will be vital to expanding your role here with 22nd.

Beginning at the rank of Private you will be allowed to ask permission to use a weapon out of your assigned classes. Only NCO's and above may grant this permission and they may only grant you a weapon that they themselves are allowed to use. You will ask permission in the following manner using the standard protocol *PTU* (Permission To Use), followed by the weapon of choice (ex: *PTU* Support). There are no requirements on when you are allowed to ask for permission to use a weapon. The decision is left up to the NCO or officer granting the permission. However reprimands will be assigned to those that abuse this system in any way. As a NCO or officer it is your responsibility to grant weapons where they are earned.

Beginning at the rank of Private First Class you will be allowed to begin sign ups for Advance Infantry Training classes also known as AITs. Through these classes, if you are lucky to pass them, you will gain access to a specific weapon at a lower rank.

Chapter 3. Chain Of Command

It is important for every 22nd Infantry Regiment member to know the chain of command frontwards and backwards. You must always know who to report to, and who you are responsible for. At all times you will obey the orders of the officers appointed over you. Below are the abreviations, formal ranks, and pay grades.

Rec. Recruit (7)
Pvt. Private (7)
Pfc. Private First Class (6)
T/5. Technician 5th Grade (5)
Cpl. Corporal (5)
T/4. Technician 4th Grade (4)
Sgt. Sergeant (4)
T/3. Technician 3rd Grade (3)
S/Sgt. Staff Sergeant (3)
T/Sgt. Technical Sergeant (2)
M/Sgt. Master Sergeant (1)
1st Sgt. First Sergeant (1)
2nd Lt. 2nd Lieutenant (O-1)
1st Lt. 1st Lieutenant (O-2)
Capt. Captain (O-3)
Maj. Major (O-4)

Note: A technician was generally not addressed as such, but rather as the equivalent rank in its pay grade (T/5 as Corporal; T/4 as Sergeant; T/3 as Sergeant or Staff Sergeant).

Chapter 4. Saluting and Standard Protocols.
The salute is not simply an honor exchange. It began in ancient times as a signal of trust between armed warriors. The salute said, "My hand is open to you as an act of trust between us." It remains a privileged gesture of respect and trust among Soldiers.

In the 22nd Infantry Regiment you will salute in the following manner: *Salute*

There are 4 situations in which you will salute.

1) When you join a server and there is an officer present.
2) When you leave a server and there is an officer present.
3) When you are in a server with no officers and an officer joins the server.
4) When you are in a server and the only officer leaves the server.

In situations 3 and 4 where there is already an officer in the server or more than one when one leaves, the highest ranking officer will salute alone.

You will hold your salute until either yourself or the officer has chosen his team and has spawned. Avoid saluting while either you or he is (Dead).

Saluting officers of other units is not mandatory but highly encouraged. However, be careful not to salute out of place or turn. The 22nd IR prides itself on its respect from the community and saluting and greeting officers is an easy way of showing courteous, respectful behavior.

Learn and remember these protocols. They can be tricky at times if you are new to them. Reprimands will be assigned to those that fail to follow these procedures.

Permission To Speak:
Maintaining order is one of the most important duties of an officer. At any time during a formal event when you are not At Ease, you are required to ask permission before speaking. This is done with the *PTS* command. Only after this is granted by the officer in charge may you type or talk.

Permission To Fall In:
When joining a server, and seeing the unit is at attention, after saluting you will use the *PTFI* command to ask permission to fall in. When your request has been granted you may find your place in line silently, using the formation protocols.

Leave Of Absences:
Leave of absence papers are required for members who will be unable to play DoD:S for more than 4 days. Even if you will still be available on steam, on vent, or on the forums you will still need to fill these out. Feel free to fill these out anyways, if you will be away a shorter duration just to let us know of your plans in advance. There will never be a penalty for unnecessary submittal. However, if you submit a long LOA and return early, let us know by replying to your submission. Before your leave date you must add LOA to the end of your steam name. Do not forget to do this.

Chapter 5. Formations And Joining the Line.

During a meeting, practice, match, or other formal event you will follow these protocols to achieve a proper formation. An officer will designate an enlisted line and an NCO line in front of it. Officers will form their own line off to the side. You will fall into your designated line and arrange in rank order from left to right, when facing front, so that the highest ranks will be to the officer's left. This line should always start at the right-most position when facing front. It is important that you follow the "Cover Down" procedures to ensure a tight, sharp formation. Once in proper formation there are 3 positions you will adhere to, and rules associated with each. The Officer in charge will call out these positions and expect immediate cooperation.

1)At Ease: Knives out, you may talk, type, and look around but may not move out of position.
2)At Attention: Pistols out, *PTS* to talk/type, face front with no movement.
3)At Arms: Rifle out, *PTS* to talk/type, face front with no movement.

When entering an already formed line, you will walk in front of your line and find your ranking position at the end of your same rank section. You will relieve the immediate lower rank in line by simply standing in front of him or giving him a little nod of your weapon. This lower rank will back out of line, if possible, and relieve the next low rank at the end of his same rank section. This process will continue
until the line is back in rank order. No words of communication should be needed to reorganize the line.

Chapter 6. Realism Rules And Regulations.
- Donner: Full tank house, Half tank alley, Full field.
- No rifle nade priming.
- All Pick-ups
- No unrealistic positions.
- No trees.
- Any barricades.
- Roofs allowed, Only crouching.
- No abusing !stuck command.
- No global chat while round is live.

Realism Protocols:
The 22nd IR takes pride in the public and private realisms that it holds. We do our best to provide the best public realism experience of any other unit. We follow set guidelines that have been developed over time to ensure a disciplined, challenging experience for all who participate. It is up to every member to follow our rules and enforce them fairly on everyone.

The ranking admin will run the realism or assign the next highest rank to the task. Only NCO's or officers may run the realism. A second member of rank private or above may be asked to stand with the leader to help control the line. The line will be formed on the largest, most convenient wall. The member(s) running the realism will stand in front facing the line. 22nd IR NCO's and officers will form their own line off to the side. All participants will come to attention with pistols out. It is the responsibility of the member(s) running the realism to control the line. The more discipline you enforce at the beginning of the realism, the more that will carry over throughout the entire game. The NCO or officer running the realism will begin to explain the map specific rules. His assistant, if present, will continue to control the line. Once rules have been established, team leaders will be picked at the NCO or officer's discretion. A working audible mic is required for a participant to lead a team.

Picking Teams:
Team leaders will be given the floor and the assistant, if present, will rejoin his appropriate line. The NCO or officer running the realism will stand to the side continuing to control the line. Weapon restrictions will be negotiated first between leaders so that leaders will have a better idea who they want on their team to fill the roles. The NCO or officer will have final say on weapon restrictions if there are any conflicts. There are three situations for how teams are picked depending on who the leaders are. The choice is always either first pick and team, or next two. Who gets the choice is decided by the following.

1) Two pubbers - First picked as team leader gets choice.
2) One pubber, One 22nd IR member - Guest gets choice.
3) Two 22nd IR members - Ranking member gets choice.

The player or member who gets the choice may also always choose to let the other leader make the choice if he/she so wishes. Once players are picked from the wall, the NCO or officer running the realism will ensure they remain in their assigned spawn and out of the way. Once all participants have been picked, the NCO or officer in charge will make sure the teams are even and correct any complications. He/she will then join his/her assigned team and start the realism timer.

Players must obey the team leaders at all times. They will line up on the designated wall with their primary weapons out. It is the duty of all 22nd IR members to see that participants are acting maturely and wasting as little time as possible. The attacking team must remain in spawn at all times and the defense team may not cross the midline for ANY reason.

During a live round, global chat is strictly forbidden. Admins are easily capable of disabling it if needs be with a simple 3 number combination on the admin menu. Once again all 22nd IR members must do their best to keep things orderly on their team and keep mic chatter and immaturity to a minimum. Only the leader of the team or the person he gives permission to is allowed to TK a teammate for disobeying orders. This should be used as a last resort. Admins should also try to keep rounds moving and encourage campers on the attacking team to push forward. DQ's and replays are initiated by the NCO or Officer running the realism based on the degree of the rule violation. These should be avoided as much as possible.

Game Over:
At the close of a game, it is very important to reorganize the lines quickly and get things rolling again. Participants will be given a moment to discuss the game's events then brought back to attention. A map vote will be generated after 2 to 3 games on a map. The NCO or officer running the realism is to instruct participants to type out map suggestions. It is encouraged that you do not select maps suggestions that get spammed.

Chapter 7. Demerits/Punishments
Minor Infractions:
In-game pushups are generally the first form of punishment assigned. The proper 22nd pushup is done with knife out from standing position to prone position and back.

Rocket laps are the next form of punishment resolved to. A rocket lap is a set distance determined by the NCO or officer in charge that is walked with the rocket shouldered.

Major Violations:
Demerits are assigned by NCO's and officers. They are the next form of punishment above that of in-game pushups and rocket laps. Every demerit must be approved by an officer to be official. Demerits will dramatically slow the progression of ones advancement and inhibit competitive play. The receiver of a demerit will not be permitted to play in an official match or scrim within the next 7 days. Upon receiving 2 demerits within 14 days, loss of rank or a dishonorable discharge may be assigned.

Dishonorable Discharges are the ultimate punishments, removing the receiver from the unit. They may only be assigned by officers and may only be approved by the senior commanding officer. Depending on circumstances the receiver may or may not be able to re-apply at a later date.

Conduct Unbecoming - Disrespectful behavior of any kind.

Absent Without Leave (AWOL) - In-game inactivity of more than 4 consecutive days without a LOA approval.

Uniform Violation - Incorrect steam name or avatar.

Final Chapter. Binds.

Using binds is an exceptional way to communicate information quickly and when possible discretely to other players. However, nothing good will come from spamming them.

The following commands are necessary to have binded, and it is important they are binded to the proper chat channels. If a team chat bind needs to be communicated to the opposite team, type it out.

Salute: *Salute*
Console Command: bind <key> "say *Salute*"

Permission To Speak: *PTS*
Console Command:bind <key> "say_team *PTS*"

Permission To Fall In: *PTFI*
Console Command:bind <key> "say_team *PTFI*"

Permission To Fall Out: *PTFO*
Console Command:bind <key> "say_team *PTFO*"

Medic: !medic
Console Command:bind <key> "say_team !medic"

To bind a key, make sure your developer console is checked in your options, and press ~. From your console, type the above commands and assign them each to a key of your choosing. Common keys are those near your movement keys, usually wasd, and those on the numberpad, if you have one. To find a name of a key in game you can always assign it to something in your keyboard options, grab the name, and then undo your changes.

Optional Binds:
-A silent yes sir.
bind <key> signal_yes

-A silent negative.
bind <key> signal_no

-Attack command to coordinate a fluent tactic with no mic delay.
bind <key> signal_moveout

-Stop a rush or attack with no mic delay.
bind <key> signal_holdposition

-Call out grenade with no mic delay.
bind <key> signal_grenade

-Start a demo with predetermined name. Great for record 1 glitches.
bind <key> "record <name>.dem"

-Stop a demo.
bind <key> "stop"

Useful Commands:
%c Broadcasts your class.
%l Broadcasts your current location (or nearest landmark).
%h Broadcasts your current health level.

Example of use: bind <key> "say_team I'm a %c at %l with %h health remaining"

How to Make sure Your Ready For BCT's
Basic Combat Training Information:
New recruits will be sent to Fort Carson, the training facility of the 22nd IR. There you will begin and complete your Basic Combat Training. This will be a 1 day training course in which you will be tasked with learning all of our functioning protocols and trained in the arts of war. Completion of this course will certify competency with all equipment granted to the standard infantry soldier.

To attend, you will first check in at the Recruit Depot. Each training course will last from 30 minutes to at most 2 hours depending on how many recruits will be participating with you.

Recruit Checklist:
- I have checked in at the Recruitment Depot.

- I have completely read through the 22nd IR field manual.

- I have added all the officers of the 22nd IR to my friends list and have been added to the members steam group.

- I have a working microphone for both in-game and ventrilo communication.

- I can recite the chain of command from lowest to highest rank (technician ranks not included).

- I have learned and am confident with when to and when not to salute officers.

- I have bound the required commands and am comfortable with their use.

And don't forget the moto:

We're the best, the baddest, the funnest.
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Field Manual
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