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 Field Manual: Ranks and Responsibilities

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Field Manual: Ranks and Responsibilities Empty
PostSubject: Field Manual: Ranks and Responsibilities   Field Manual: Ranks and Responsibilities EmptySun Dec 05, 2010 9:40 pm

Ranks and Responsibilities of the 22nd Infantry Regiment

Unit Headquarters

Captain: Leader and Commanding officer of the unit. In charge of directing the unit as seen fit and delivers executive orders to the rest of the unit to fulfill. Coordinates Unit and NCO meetings to develop future goals and requests; responsible for enrollment in the UWFL

First Lieutenant: Executive officer of the unit. Responsible for fulfilling the Captain's orders and managing general unit matters; coordinates with other units officially; assists in the development of goals and concepts of the unit; main recruitment liaison; coordinator of the UWFL team

Second Lieutenant: Setting up scrims organizing the troops

Enlisted Ranks

Master Sergeant: Be responsible for all drills to be done and act courses lesson plans

First Sergeant: Be responsible for server management and help drills.

Staff Sergeant: The grade of rank closely parallels that of the sergeant in duties and responsibilities. In fact, the basic duties and responsibility of all the NCO ranks never change, but there are differences, significant differences, between this step in the NCO structure and the preceding one.
Understanding these differences is vital. The staff sergeant is a more experienced leader of soldiers. The staff sergeant has considerably more time in the Army than the sergeant. It is proper to expect that the staff sergeant can bring the benefits of that experience to bear in any situation and under all circumstances.
The major difference between the staff sergeant and the sergeant is not, as often mistakenly believed, authority, but rather sphere of influence. The staff sergeant is in daily contact with large numbers of soldiers and generally has more equipment and other property to maintain.
The staff sergeant will often have one or more sergeants who work under his direct leadership. The staff sergeant is responsible for their continued successful development as well as that of other soldiers in the section, squad or team.
More often than not, the lack of understanding of the function of this important NCO position by leaders is the cause of disruption and failure in small unit training.
If NCO are “The Backbone” of the Army, then staff sergeants are the elements of which backbones are made. The complexities of the job of the staff sergeant increases as the responsibilities broaden. The staff sergeant’s professional competence is measured by how well the staff sergeant develops, maintains and uses the full range of human potential of his soldiers. The staff sergeant’s success, more than any other grade of the NCO rank, leads the path to the Army’s success, and the footprints you will see behind those of our greatest military leaders are probably those of a staff sergeant, where he stood confident, proud and eager to assist.

Technician Third Grade: Be responsible for server tweaking adding mods removing mods uploading maps.

Sergeant: Commands a squad of unit soldiers. Considered to have the greatest impact on Soldiers because Sergeants oversee them in their daily tasks. In short, Sergeants set an example and the standard for Privates to look up to and live up to. In the 22nd IR, Sergeants are responsible for coordinating squad and unit drills and having all squad activity documented by either him/herself, the squad ASL, or squad Technician. Sergeants may also oversee or assist in any training required for members to complete beyond Basic Combat Training.

Corporal: As the base of the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) ranks, Corporals serve as an assistant squad leader (ASL) of Army squads. Like Sergeants, they are responsible for individual training, personal appearance, and documentation of activity of Soldiers.

Technician Fifth Grade: A clerical rank equivalent to a Corporal (Cpl.) that records paperwork ordered or issued by squad leaders. In the 22nd IR, the T/5 is responsible for updating the squad desk, whether it be posting drill times, unit meeting dates, or squad events. Also, the T/5 must maintain an active, lively forum by posting and updating regularly. While in the forums, the T/5 has higher ranking than a Corporal as a Corporal has priority in Field Operations.

Private First Class: A seasoned member who's proven his/her worth to the unit. Responsible for assistance of Privates in 'learning the ropes' of the 22nd IR. Carries out orders issued to them to the best of his/her ability.

Private: Lowest rank: a member who's completed Basic Combat Training (BCT). Primary role is to carry out orders issued to them to the best of his/her ability.

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Field Manual: Ranks and Responsibilities
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