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 Field Manual: Inactivity

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PostSubject: Field Manual: Inactivity   Field Manual: Inactivity EmptyTue Dec 14, 2010 10:02 pm

A demerit system for inactive or unavailable members


Any member inactive for 10 days without documentation be immediately put on a reserve roster. This can be considered a "grace period" to allow the member to report in with a valid reason for their undocumented absence. After 20 days, an inactive member that has not posted valid documentation or has successfully communicated with an officer of the unit should be discharged dishonorably as "AWOL".


Valid excuses could be:

Computer Incapacitation [Broken hardware, corrupt software]
Family Death [Immediate or Distant]
Internet Reliability [Disconnection, Restricted Access]
Lifestyle Adjustments [School work load, Job work load, Moving]
Personal Illness [Sickness that is recommended to take time off of extraneous activities]

Invalid Excuses could be:

Lack of Communication [Defiance, Laziness]
Abrasive Attitude [Narcissism]
BS Excuses [Forgetfulness]
Undocumented Online Activity [Getting 'Wrapped up" in other games without checking in]

With this in consideration, warnings will be implemented through the use of Demerits.

First Offense

4-7 Days: NO Demerit
8-13 Days: Possible 1 Demerit
14-17 Days: 1 Demerit
18-20+ Days: 1 Demerit and/or Possible Discharge

Second Offense

4-7 Days: Possible 1 Demerit
8-12 Days: 1 Demerit
13-15 Days: 1 Demerit and/or Possible Discharge
16+ Days: Discharge

Third Offense
4 Days: Possible 1 Demerit
5-10 Days: 1 Demerit
11-13 Days: 1 Demerit and/or Possible Dishonorable Discharge
14+ Days: Dishonorable Discharge

This should, in theory, set a standard for activity.
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Field Manual: Inactivity
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